Stainless Steel Mirror for Industry and Private Roads - ANTI-FROST - 800 x 1000 mm

Reference SO 81008 AG

Mirror for traffic control in industry and private roads.
90° vision for control in 2 directions.

Dangerous intersections and crossings on private roads.
Securing storage areas indoors and outdoors.
Control of heavy vehicle and handling equipment traffic.
Control posts and factory exits.

Technical specifications:
Reflector: In Poli Stainless Steel 10-year warranty: special coastal and high mountain areas, anti-vandalism, unalterable

Anti-icing device: located at the back of the stainless steel mirror and held by a galvanized steel backing, the mirror releases the heat stored during the day to prevent fogging and icing, ensuring a clear vision at all times.
The anti-icing device is guaranteed to work down to -20°C.
The anti-icing device has a 6-year warranty.

Frame: made of rigid expanded PVC, 10 mm thick.
The red checkered pattern is digitally printed with UV inks.

Mounting: included in the price, it allows for installation on all posts with a section of 60 to 90 mm or directly on the wall.

Technical data:
Mirror dimensions: 800 x 1000 mm
Frame dimensions: 988 x 1188 mm

Maximum distance from observer to mirror:
Up to 35 meters

Also available in BLACK and YELLOW.

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