Compliant Road Mirror - Classic Range - 450 x 600 mm - 3, 6, or 10-Year Warranty

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Road traffic mirror compliant with regulations for installation on public roads in France.
90┬░ vision for monitoring in 2 directions.

Dangerous intersections and junctions in urban areas
Exits from garages, buildings, or courtyards onto public roads
Fire station, hospital, school exits, etc...
Safety for pedestrian crossings at protected crosswalks

Technical specifications:
Reflectors: available in three materials:
Plexi+ 3-year warranty - FAR 4607-EVO: unbreakable, unalterable, UV-treated.
Poly+ 6-year warranty - FAR 4609-EVO: anti-vandalism, unalterable, UV-treated.
Stainless Steel 10-year warranty - FAR 4608: special for coastal and high mountain areas, anti-vandalism, unalterable.

Frame: made of 10mm thick expanded rigid PVC.
Black stripes comply with the decree of 09/21/1981 and are printed using digital technology with UV inks.

Mounting: included in the price, suitable for installation on poles with a section of 60 to 90 mm or directly on the wall.

Technical data:
Mirror dimensions: 450 x 600 mm
Frame dimensions: 675 x 900 mm

Maximum observer distance from the mirror:
Up to 10 meters


Downloadable files

Fiche technique FAR 4607

Fiche technique FAR 4607_en

Fiche technique FAR 4608

Fiche technique FAR 4608_en

Fiche technique FAR 4609

Fiche technique FAR 4609_en