Half-Mirror for Warehouses and Logistics - 180° Vision - 1/2 Diameter 900 mm - 3 Years Warranty

Reference MIMALEY 9007

Control and security mirror for warehouses and logistics.
180° vision for monitoring in 3 directions.

Traffic control in warehouses.
Traffic of goods and people.
Indoor access control.
Enhancing visual security and risk prevention.

Technical specifications:
Reflector: Plexi+ 3-year warranty: unbreakable, unalterable, and UV treated.

Frame: made of composite aluminum.
Checkers are digitally printed with UV inks.

Mounting: included in the price, allows installation on all posts with a section of 60 to 90 mm or directly on the wall.

Technical data:
Mirror dimension: 1/2 diameter 900 mm
Frame dimension: 1/2 diameter 1088 mm

Maximum observer distance from the mirror:
Up to 12 meters

Also available in RED and WHITE.

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