Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Mirror - JURA Range - ANTI-FROST - 450 x 600 mm

Reference SL 4608 AG-JURA

Multi-purpose outdoor mirror.
90° vision for control in 2 directions.

For control, surveillance, and security both outdoors and indoors
Garage exits, building exits, courtyards on private roads
Vehicle control at guard posts, toll booths, etc.
Control of conveyor belts and hidden machine parts.

Technical specifications:
Reflector: Made of Polished Stainless Steel 10-year warranty: specially designed for coastal and high mountain areas, vandal-resistant, unalterable

Anti-icing device: located at the back of the stainless steel mirror and held by a galvanized steel back, the mirror releases stored heat during the day to prevent fog and frost formation, ensuring a clear vision at all times.
The anti-icing device is guaranteed to work up to -20°C.
The anti-icing device has a 6-year warranty.

Back: It is made of 3-ply Larch wood.
Durable: impervious to decay.
Robust: withstands weather, insects, and fungal attacks.
Environmentally friendly: requires no treatment.
Excellent fire resistance.

Mounting: included in the price, allows installation on all posts with a section of 60 to 90 mm or directly on the wall.

Technical data:
Mirror dimensions: 450 x 600 mm

Maximum distance from the observer to the mirror:
Up to 10 meters

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