Mirror for Bike Paths on Larch Frame - Citymir Range - Diameter 400 mm on Larch Frame - 3-Year Warranty

Reference CITYMIR 4007 V-JURA

Mirror for Soft Mobility: Securing Bike Lanes, Garage Exits, and Parking Areas.
90┬░ vision for monitoring in 2 directions.

Bike lane intersections.
Parking lot exits on bike lanes.

Technical Specifications:
The reflector: Plexi+ 3-year warranty: unbreakable, unalterable, UV treated.

LARCH WOOD FRAME: Anti-vandalism, made of 3-ply Larch wood.
Durable: Rot-resistant wood.
Robust: Resists weather, insects, and fungal attacks.
Environmentally friendly: No treatment required.
Very good fire resistance.

Mounting: Included in the price, allows installation on poles with a section of 60 to 90 mm or directly on the wall.

Technical Data:
Mirror dimension: Diameter 400 mm
Frame dimension: 880 x 718 mm

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