Panoramic Multi-Purpose Half-Mirror with 180° Vision - 1/2 Diameter 800 mm - 3 or 6 Years Warranty

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Multi-purpose indoor/outdoor mirror.
180° vision for monitoring in 3 directions.

For control, surveillance, and security both indoors and outdoors.
Garage exits, building exits, private property courtyards.
Vehicle inspection at guard posts, toll booths, etc...
Monitoring of transfer belts and hidden parts of machinery.

Technical Features:
Reflectors: They are available in two materials:
Plexi+ 3-year warranty - MICHATEL 807: unbreakable, unalterable, UV-resistant.
Poly+ 6-year warranty - MICHATEL 809: anti-vandalism, unalterable, UV-resistant.

Back: Galvanized steel.

Seal: Black PVC, reinforced with metal staples.

Mounting: Included in the price, allows installation on all posts from 60 to 90 mm in section or directly on the wall.

Technical Data:
Mirror dimension: 1/2 diameter 800 mm
Overall dimension: 1/2 diameter 840 mm

Maximum distance from observer to mirror:
Up to 10 meters


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