Compliant Road Mirror - Jura Range - Diameter 600 mm - 10-Year Warranty

Reference IBIS 6008-JURA

Traffic road mirror compliant with regulations for installation on public roads in France.
90┬░ vision for monitoring in 2 directions.

Dangerous intersections and junctions in urban areas
Exits from garages, buildings, courtyards on public roads
Fire station exits, hospitals, schools, etc...
Securing pedestrian crossings on protected crossings

Technical specifications:
Reflector: In Polished Stainless Steel with a 10-year warranty: special for coastal and mountain regions, vandal-resistant, unalterable.

LARCH WOOD FRAME: Vandal-resistant, made of 3-ply Larch wood.
Durable: rot-resistant wood.
Robust: withstands weather, insects, and fungal attacks.
Non-polluting: does not require treatment.
Excellent fire resistance.
Black stripes comply with the decree of 21/09/1981 and are printed using digital technology with UV inks.

Fixing: Included in the price, it allows installation on all posts with a section of 60 to 90 mm or directly on the wall.

Technical Data:
Mirror diameter: 600 mm
Frame dimensions: 900 x 900 mm

Maximum distance from the observer to the mirror:
Up to 12 meters

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