Safety Instruction Mirror - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Compliance Check - 6 Years Warranty

Reference TATOOMIR 19085

Safety instruction mirrors designed to enhance security and signage in businesses.

Reminds users of safety instructions.
Strengthens prevention and security in the company.
Reminds about the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the establishment.
Dimensions and messages are fully customizable.

Technical specifications:
Reflector: POLY + 6-year warranty: vandal-proof, unalterable, and UV-resistant.
Sharp edges (digital cutting).
4 holes at the corners.
Right angles.
Fixings optional.

Technical data:
Mirror dimensions: 1900 x 850 mm

- Wall mounting kit: 4 screws 3x13 mm - 4 nylon dowels 5x25 mm and 4 brass-plated screw covers (ref: KIT9).
- Wall mounting kit with magnets (ref. KAH).
- Double-sided adhesive tape: 50m roll - 19mm width - 1mm thickness (ref: 453450).
- Custom visual design package (ref: 00011).
- Data processing fee (ref: 00010).

Downloadable files