Unbreakable Sanitary Mirror in Plexichok - Diameter 490 mm

Reference MPA 490-9SC

Unbreakable flat mirror for communal restrooms.
Essential for places where glass is prohibited or can pose risks.

For large communities:
Correctional facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, sports facilities, or dressing rooms.

Technical specifications:
Reflector: Plexi+ 3-year warranty: vandal-resistant, durable, and UV-treated.

Mirror made of pure aluminum (99.99%) deposited under vacuum.
Front protected by a 5 mm translucent Plexi+ layer, and the back by a polymerized acrylic finishing varnish.
Excellent optical quality.

Sharp edges (digital cutting).
Finish: 4 holes at the corners.

Technical data:
Mirror dimensions: diameter 490 mm

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