Special flat mirror adhesive - HYBRIFIX

Reference HYBRIFIX

Special flat mirror adhesive - HYBRIFIX

Bonding mirrors to porous or smooth surfaces.
Connection joints between walls and mirrors.
Bonding decorative elements in bathrooms.
Low-movement sealing joints in bathrooms.

Surfaces must be clean, dust-free, free from grease, and free from friable parts.

Special Features:
Hybrid polymer-based adhesive sealant.
Contains no reactive isocyanate or silicone.
Exceptional adhesion to most building substrates, even when wet (wood, bricks, concrete, natural stone, tiles, ceramics, steel, aluminum, copper, chrome, stainless steel, glass, various synthetic and insulation materials).
Quick curing.
Low odor.
Remains flexible and is vibration-resistant.

Harmful to aquatic environments, may have long-term adverse effects on aquatic environment.

Recyclable packaging
Storage: Min +5°C - Max +25°C
Storage after opening: 12 months

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