1.1 Membership:

Unless otherwise agreed in advance and in writing by us, our services and supplies are automatically subject to the general conditions that prevail over any other terms of purchase or order. They include all legally required pre-contractual information.

1.2 Quotes, Plans, and Intellectual Property:

Any quote and offer is valid for two (2) months after submission. After this period, all prices may be revised. Quotes are provided free of charge to the buyer, except in special cases. Quotes, drawings, calculations, plans, models, and descriptions remain our exclusive property. Their communication to other companies or third parties, as well as their use, is prohibited and subject to damages or a flat-rate indemnity equal to ten percent (10%) of the quote amount. They must be returned to us if not followed by an order.

1.3 Deposit, Price, and Invoicing:

The customer is required, upon written acceptance of the first order, to pay an initial deposit of forty percent (40%) of the total amount including taxes of the quote, and the balance upon delivery.

The paid deposit will not be refunded in case of modification or cancellation of the order by the customer after the withdrawal period has expired and will be retained as a penalty clause.

The applicable price is the one in effect on the day of placing the order, based on the rates communicated to the customer, taking into account the applicable VAT on the day of the order.

Claims on invoices are possible within fifteen (15) days of the invoice issue or shipment.

1.4 Order Acceptance:

Placing an order implies full and unconditional acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale by the customer. Orders are only considered final after the signature and approval of the quote or price offer. Any modification to the order must be the subject of a written agreement. In any case, this request cannot be accepted if it reaches the company after the start of production or the supply of specific goods or materials necessary for it.

1.5 Deadlines:

In the absence of a specified deadline or date, delivery or execution must be completed within thirty (30) days of order acceptance. These deadlines are valid unless there is a force majeure or delay in payment by the customer. A delay in delivery or execution of the service, after an additional period granted between the parties, may lead to order cancellation according to legal provisions, but excludes penalties or damages not provided for by law.

1.6 Transfer of Risks:

The transfer of risks occurs upon delivery by taking possession of the goods and products by the customer, who assumes legal custody from that moment onwards.

1.7 Transport and Reception:

It is the customer's responsibility, in case of reservations related to the transport of the sold products, to check upon reception the conformity of the delivered products to the ordered products and the absence of apparent defects, especially in case of damage or shortages. The customer must make all necessary observations and note them on the delivery receipt. Only the customer is qualified to make reservations to the seller by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR) no later than thirty (30) days after delivery. The customer must confirm their reservations to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within ten (10) days following product receipt.

Without prejudice to the measures to be taken by the customer towards the carrier, any lack of conformity within the meaning of articles L 211-1 to L 211-18 of the Consumer Code must be declared to the seller in writing as soon as it is discovered.

In the absence of reservations, deliveries will be deemed to have been made correctly and in accordance with the delivery note.

1.8 Delivery and Performance:

The delivery of the product and the performance of the service are carried out within the defined period or the agreed date between the parties. In the absence of a specified deadline or agreed date, the company delivers the product or performs the service without undue delay and no later than thirty (30) days after the signing of the estimate or contract.

1.9 Payments:

No discount is granted for early payment. Invoices are payable at the seller's registered office.

Our invoices are payable in cash from the date of issue of the invoice unless otherwise stipulated. The customer will be liable for unpaid amounts including VAT, the day following the payment date indicated on the invoice, with late payment interest equal to the legal interest rate of the European Central Bank on its most recent refinancing operation plus ten percentage points (10). Late payment interest is due without a reminder being necessary. For the consumer, late payment penalties are due after sending a formal notice to pay by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt that has remained without effect, at the annual legal interest rate of the Bank of France.

According to legal provisions, the payment period for periodic or summary invoices cannot exceed forty-five (45) days from the date of issue of the invoice.

2.0 Lump Sum Compensation for Collection Costs in the Event of Late Payment Due by Any Professional:

In accordance with legal provisions, in the absence of payment on the day following the payment date indicated on the invoice, a lump sum compensation for collection costs is established in the event of late payment, due to the creditor. The lump sum amount of the compensation is set by Decree with a minimum of €40 per unpaid invoice. This compensation is due without prior notice. When the collection costs incurred exceed the amount of this lump sum compensation, the creditor may request additional compensation upon justification.

2.1 Penalty Clause:

In addition, in the event of non-payment within the aforementioned period, an automatic flat-rate increase of fifteen percent (15%) of the VAT-inclusive amount will be applied; intended to cover collection costs as a penalty clause, with a minimum of five hundred EUROS (€500.00). This penalty is due upon sending the client a formal notice to pay.

2.2 Retention of Title:

All products, materials, supplies, and services remain our property until full payment, with the customer expressly deemed to have accepted this retention of title clause, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 2367 and following of the Civil Code. By express agreement, our company may exercise the rights it holds under this retention of title clause, for any of its claims, on all of its products in the customer's possession, including those partially implemented, the latter being conventionally presumed to be unpaid ones; and our company may take them back or claim them in compensation for all its unpaid invoices without prejudice to its right to terminate current sales.

2.3 Availability Period for Spare Parts of the Sold Equipment:

In accordance with legal provisions, the seller and the service provider inform the customer that spare parts essential for the use of the sold equipment will be available throughout the manufacturer's warranty period. During this period, the supply must be made within a maximum of two (2) months from the customer's request.

2.4 Conventional Warranty:

The delivered equipment is guaranteed for a period of six (6) months from the day of delivery or completion of the work. Our warranty is limited to replacement or on-site repair in our workshops. All transportation, dismantling, and reassembly costs remain the responsibility of the buyer, as well as the corresponding labor costs. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper use of the equipment, an accident, or the buyer's supervision. Our warranty will only apply if the buyer has complied with the payment conditions specified in the estimate and has paid all amounts due in full.

2.5 Liability and Warranty:

Our supplies must be used and implemented according to the professional standards of the industry. We are bound by the legal guarantee concerning the consequences of hidden defects in the sold item or the service provided in accordance with Articles 1641 of the Civil Code. However, we cannot be held responsible for hidden defects existing in items built by a third party, on which we work. If work has been carried out by the customer or any other person mandated by him, they cannot engage our liability and warranty. Any liability or warranty is also excluded for incidents due to fortuitous events or force majeure, normal wear and tear, deterioration resulting from negligence, lack of maintenance, abnormal use not in accordance with the purpose of the property.

2.6 Resolutive Clause:

It is expressly stipulated between the parties that the failure to pay a single installment will automatically result in the forfeiture of the term and the automatic termination of the sales contract and/or service provision. By operation of law, the remaining balance of the debt will be increased with overdue interest and the penalty clause, eight (8) days after a notice to pay or a notice to pay that has remained ineffective. The seller reserves the right to demand the return of the goods from the buyer by application of this resolutive clause, to suspend any ongoing or future deliveries.

2.7 Renewal of the Sales Contract or Service Provision:

Under the sales contract or service provision, the seller informs the customer no earlier than three (3) months and no later than one (1) month before the end of the period allowing the rejection of the renewal, of the possibility not to renew the commitment.

In the absence of this information, the customer can terminate the contract or commitment free of charge at any time from the renewal date by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the seller or service provider.

Advances paid by the customer are refunded by the seller within thirty (30) days from the termination, minus the amounts corresponding to the execution of the contract or commitment.

2.8 Disputes:

In the event of a dispute arising from the application of these general terms and conditions, the parties expressly agree to seek an amicable resolution to end their dispute, notably through the use of a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative dispute resolution method. In the case of persistent disagreement, only the Commercial Court or the Instance Court of VERSAILLES shall have jurisdiction to adjudicate the dispute, even in the case of multiple claimants.

2.9 Special Conditions of the Right of Withdrawal:

This order is subject to the provisions of articles L121.17 and following of the consumer code dealing with the right of withdrawal and excludes sales at a fair, exhibition, or any commercial event defined in article L 121-8 of the Commercial Code, as well as the sale or provision of services concerning a list of contracts listed in article L 121 – 16 -1 of the Commercial Code.

For the provision of services, the withdrawal period starts from the conclusion of the contract or the accepted order, including the general terms of sale.

The customer must return the item subject to the canceled sale within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days after the information of the termination provided to the seller.

The seller will refund the customer for all payments received, no later than fourteen (14) days from the day of receiving the customer's decision to terminate.

The customer may expressly request, on paper or a durable medium, to waive the benefit of their right of withdrawal in accordance with legal provisions (Article L 121 – 21 – 5 Consumer Code).